The concept

“Cibo” pronounce as “Sibo” and it means “Food” in Italian. In Italian food, fresh ingredients and herbs are widely use in preparing dishes that gives us the original aroma and wonderful taste. Ingredients as simple as tomatoes and olives are widely use in Italian food, not only of the flavour but also it is so healthy and that’s why Italian food is commonly accepted and love by so many nations across the world.

Respect the Original

As in Melaka, we are one of the pioneers that brought Italian into our lovely heritage city. As much of the ingredients are hardly found in local market, we have put in a lot of effort in providing the original Italian food while not to burst off your wallet.

Made by Hand with Love

Besides of the comfort yet cozy environment that we specially design for our diners, our Italian series of food such as pasta, homemade pizzas, homemade breads, in house baked pastries are very much recommended by our customers.


Friends Gathering

We do take gathering reservations and please call us to reserve your tables! We serve non-pork and non-alcohol dishes and it is Muslim welcome cafe. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish you have your special moments with us.

Birthday Party

Our places are very welcome and friendly for hosting your private party to celebrate your precious moments. We have special packages for hosting a birthday party and it is includes with decorations, welcoming sections, birthday dessert bar and buffet courses.